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Highlights of the programmes:
  • Programme developed with focus on industry and its uses
  • Intensive programme for working professionals aimed at preparing them for a accelerated career in the field of Business Analytics
  • Blend of concepts, techniques and application
  • Selection of right faculty with academic and industry exposure
  • Project work to give exposure on the industry
  • Stringent evaluation through class work, project work and final examination
  • Guest lectures from industry
  • Right mix of application and concepts conducts the following programs:
+  Data Analytics with SAS:
The tools of analytics are intensively used in all fields such as financial services, marketing research, clinical research, and any kind of research on data.
+  Advance Analytics using Eminer and Eguide
The tools of analytics are intensively used in all fields such as financial services, marketing research, clinical research, and any kind of research on data.
+  Credit Risk Analytics
The tools of analytics are intensively used in all fields such as financial services, marketing research, clinical research, and any kind of research on data.
For any customised training program please contact us at the below address
Training Department

Foretell Business Solutions Private Limited
# 146, Gopal Towers, Ramaiah Street,
HAL Airport Road, Kodihalli,
Bangalore - 560008, Karnataka, India
Phone: 080 25276152/53, Mob: 0 9343732300

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